Praise for Palmento

"From the craggy vineyards of Mount Etna to the tiny moscato-producing island of Pantelleria, and from every angle of its wine hierarchy, Mr. Camuto extracts fascinating and illuminating details about Sicily, bringing to life the characters, conflicts and family dynamics that define a culture and its wines. It’s a beautiful, enthralling work, eternally wistful and hopeful, much like Sicily itself". --Eric Asimov of The New York Times  Read full review here. 

"Camuto admires those solitary explorers, and follows them to every corner of this small, diverse island. He brings them to life with vivid descriptions and lively quotations. He also weaves in history and cultural analysis, which gives context to the characters. He predictably favors "tradition" over anything too modern or international. But his affection for Sicily and its citizens is heartfelt, and his skill and enthusiasm combine to create a captivating portrait of a singular culture". --The Wine Spectator.Read full review here.

"The author digs deep into the rich artisanal soil of Sicily's wine culture, unearthing centuries-old lineage and lore while closely studying villages, vintages, vintners, vats and a few intriguing vendettas." --Kirkus Review

"He calls it a Sicilian wine odyssey, but it's more. Camuto has written a cultural history of the island by telling the stories of a dozen wine growing families..."-- Ron Holden in Crosscut.  Read full blog here.

"For me reading Palmento was like watching the movie Sideways. An entertaining book about wine and at the same time, not only about wine... Follow Robert through his Sicilian adventures and misadventures making you eager to want to to see how it ends and at the same time, you just don’t want it to. " --Vinosseur. Read full blog here. 



Praise for Corkscrewed



"Corkscrewed] inspires thirst and curiosity. . . . Mr. Camuto’s adventures will introduce readers to little-known French wines . . . and to the passionate individuals that persevere despite the absence of monetary reward. These may not be the wines that earn one spurs as a connoisseur, but they certainly may produce a worthy sense of humility at how much there is to learn. I can’t wait to drink them.” - Eric Asimov, New York Times,   Read full review 

Camuto’s lighthearted book is a particularly enjoyable read that chronicles the author’s journey through French wine country in a scrumptious collection of stories about wine, food, vineyards, and winemakers.” Beth Hiser,  Bloomsbury Review

"Mr. Camuto’s writing is precise, entertaining and compelling enough that it should appeal to audiences beyond the normally narrow scope reached by wine books. It reads very much like a collection of short stories that come together to form what is essentially a non-fiction novel. It travels a road that I’d very much like to follow. The individual stories alone are very much worth the price of admission. The fact that they come together to form a much greater whole makes Corkscrewed a rare gem in the field of wine literature and a highly recommended read."  -David McDuff, McDuff's Food & Wine Trail  Read full review .

"[Camuto's]  enthusiasm for underdog grapes, regions and winemakers makes him a pleasant guide along the back roads of France." -Thomas Matthews, Wine Spectator   Read full review

"A good read..." Jancis Robinson Read full review

"Like a collection of love letters to wine, each chapter showcases a winemaker who has carved out a niche for himself amid the encroaching corporate tide, sprawl, or commercialization. In a world of oak chips and cost-benefit analysis, these are the winemakers who must endure, even in beloved France." -Maggie Dutton, Seattle Weekly Read full review

"An outstanding work of wine writing." -Richard Randall, The Wine Connoisseur (Wine-The-World-In-Focus)  Read full review

“[Camuto] is a stylish writer with a gift for describing the way his subjects look and think, and express themselves in words and wine. He explains each winemaker’s approach and results, also adding a bit of insight about intra-French competition and the export market in the French wine industry today.” --Claire Walter,
"If you think you would enjoy having a conversation with a passionate French wine craftsman, dive into Robert Camuto's delicious new book. I spend a good part of my life underground in France, and everything Camuto relates of his adventures rings true. And to those of you tiring of the varietal bandwagon, here's an escape route."  -Kermit Lynch, wine importer and author of Adventures on the Wine Route: A Wine Buyer's Tour of France. 

"If you fancy the opportunity to take on board some interesting information on where your next bottle of wine may be coming from, or going to, without being blinded by science or talked down to by self-appointed experts, this is the book for you.  I found it thoroughly enjoyable." -- Martin Hills, AMB  Cote d'Azur Provence, Feb. 2009
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